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A COVID Silver Lining: Why you should move your programs to the online world

by HCBC member, Paul Arinaga of Grow Good LLC With the prospect of an extended period of social distancing, many nonprofits are faced with the question of how they can continue to deliver services and serve their populations. The answer for many has been to move their programs to the online world. Many programs can be delivered via distance or e-Learning digital platforms. While this may sound like an onerous task for already … [Read More...]

So… the Legislature is reconvening, but what does that mean?

by HCBC member, Josh Frost of Beretania Consulting Have you heard? The Legislature will be reconvening, albeit temporarily, on May 11, 2020. According to an AP story, the primary goals in mind are to address shortfalls in the budget and to confirm numerous appointments by Governor Ige to various boards and commissions. The agenda will be extremely limited and the timeline accelerated so they can pass just the “essentials” and adjourn … [Read More...]